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Security and Defense
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CoroWare Test Labs Announces JAUS Testing and Training Services
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 06, 2006
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PITTSBURGH, Penn. – Feb. 6, 2006 – CoroWare Test Labs, a CoroWare subsidiary, today announced that it has developed test suites and compatibility services to provide impartial, objective conformance testing to ensure interoperability and standards compliance among intelligent, mobile service robotics applications.

CoroWare Test Labs, a leading company to test for standards compliance in the unmanned systems industry, announced availability of a suite of tools for testing JAUS/AS-4 (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems) compliance for both vendors and government agencies.

“As a member of the JAUS working group, as well as through our ongoing collaboration with JAUS developers, we’ve been active in promoting the JAUS standard and have been working for the past several months in developing a comprehensive conformance test suite,” said Martin Harvey, president of CoroWare Test Labs. “We now have the capability and expertise to test JAUS compliance, giving vendors a jump-start and assuring customers that the systems they buy will interoperate with one another. This is a key step in moving the entire unmanned systems market forward.”

CoroWare Test Lab Services
CoroWare Test Labs offers developers and end-customers, such as government and military agencies, the following life cycle services:

Compliance Testing
– Ensuring that unmanned systems adhere to the JAUS/AS-4 standard

Program Management - Testing a JAUS device from inception to final delivery

Test Engineering – Applying software libraries or customizing test suites when necessary

Test Processes – A fully functional series of professionally engineered processes

Hardware and Payload Testing – Assuring that payload devices comply with the JAUS communications standard

– Customized training on the JAUS/AS-4 standard and best practices for compliance testing and verification.

“JAUS testing is quite complex,” Martin Harvey added. “One needs to understand the JAUS messaging fundamentals and their properties, factors such as message sequences, and message content and format; how to build this into your development life cycle; and how to test in both the lab and in the field. Our six months of preparatory labor is ready to pay off as we launch our JAUS testing services.”
“From a vendor perspective, this is exactly what the unmanned systems market needs. CoroWare Test Lab’s suite of tools to test JAUS interoperability allows organizations like Applied Perception to provide our customers with assured compliance,” said Todd Jochem, president of Applied Perception, Inc., a leading provider of JAUS-compliant unmanned solutions. “It’s hard to believe, but there are already organizations who claim to provide JAUS-compliant solutions, yet have never participated in any of the JAUS community’s interoperability tests. CoroWare Test Lab’s test suite will allow us to clearly differentiate our products from others through independent validation.”

The JAUS initiative was created to develop a reference architecture that promotes open standard communications with unmanned robotic systems. The JAUS has since been transferred to the SAE AS-4 committee for commercial and military uses. The JAUS/SAE AS-4 communication specifications comprise a component-based, message-passing architecture that specifies data formats and protocols for communication among unmanned robotic systems. Moreover, JAUS/SAE AS-4 defines messages and service behaviors that are independent of any specific implementation, including computer hardware, operator use, and vehicle platforms.

About CoroWare
CoroWare is an innovative systems and mobile service robotics application integrator that delivers forward-looking solutions and services to help customers and communities realize their IT and business goals. CoroWare’s experienced team of professionals delivers integrated solutions based on Windows, Linux/Unix and embedded systems platforms. CoroWare has depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in robotics integration, embedded/mobile system integration and market development. For more information, please visit

About CoroWare Test Labs
CoroWare Test Labs is a CoroWare subsidiary whose mission is to provide impartial, objective conformance testing to ensure interoperability and communication standards compliance among intelligent, mobile service robotics applications. CoroWare Test Labs, the first robotic standards conformance organization and the sole commercial developer of test services and products for JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems) compliance, is located in Pittsburgh, Penn., a leading center for robotics research and development in the U.S. For more information, please visit

Pending Acquisition by Innova Holdings
CoroWare has signed a letter of intent to merge with Innova Holdings Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2006, subject to the negotiation and execution of a definitive agreement, approval by CoroWare, Innova Holdings’ Board of Directors, and customary regulatory approvals. Under terms of the agreement, CoroWare and its CoroWare Test Labs subsidiary will operate as wholly owned subsidiaries of Innova Holdings.

Steve Genova
CoroWare, Inc.

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