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Security and Defense
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CoroWare’s CoroBot JAUS Brings Affordability to Military Robotics Research
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 01, 2007
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CoroWare, an Innova Robotics & Automation company (INRA.OB), announced today at AUVSI – San Diego’s Unmanned Systems Interoperability Conference (USIC) - their plan to release the CoroBot JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems) mobile robot.  This newest CoroBot model is targeted to meet the needs of military robotics researchers and developers by implementing JAUS using the RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit (SDK).

CoroBot JAUS is the product of the Company’s working alliance with RE2, which has been engaged in the development and evolution of JAUS, a Department of Defense standard that helps promote interoperability of unmanned systems.

‘‘We developed the RE2 JAUS SDK to provide unmanned systems vendors, such as CoroWare, with a complete toolkit to build JAUS compliant systems, while reducing development time and program costs,’‘ said Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2, Inc.  ‘‘We’re pleased to be able to partner with CoroWare to provide them with a comprehensive solution for unmanned systems interoperability.’‘

CoroBot is a capable, expandable and affordable four-wheeled mobile robot platform designed to minimize the complexity of robotics research and development.  All models are equipped with a 1.2 GHz PC-processor and 40 G disk storage space.  The RE2 JAUS SDK compliments CoroWare’s philosophy of assisting the research and development community by providing the tools necessary to reduce development time in bringing products to market. 

‘‘By offering a JAUS-capable CoroBot, we intend to bring the affordability and expandability of the CoroBot product line to the military and companies that provide products to the military,’‘ said Jon Mandrell, director of CoroWare’s Robotics and Automation group.  ‘‘We are delighted to be working with RE2, one of the founding members of the JAUS Working Group.’‘

CoroWare will be demonstrating the abilities of the CoroBot platform in booth 17 today and tomorrow, October 30-31, 2007 during the AUVSI – San Diego USIC at the Coronado Island Marriot Resort in Coronado, CA.  CoroWare will begin taking orders for the CoroBot JAUS model beginning December 1st with delivery expected to begin the second quarter of 2008.  For more information on pricing and technical specifications, visit

About CoroWare
CoroWare, an Innova Robotics & Automation company, is an innovative software and software professional service company and mobile robotics integrator that delivers forward-looking solutions and services to help customers and communities realize their goals. CoroWare has depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in developing software and solutions for mobile service robotics and business automation through products that include the CoroWare CoroBot product line. For more information, please visit

About RE2, Inc.
RE2, Inc. is a developer of intelligent modular manipulation systems and JAUS software solutions. The Company’s manipulation systems utilize the RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit to ensure interoperability with fielded robotic platforms. RE2’s customers include the Army, Navy, government labs, universities, and defense prime contractors. RE2’s expertise lends itself to several markets, including defense, law-enforcement, homeland security, and explosive ordnance disposal. To learn more about the RE2 JAUS SDK, visit For more information, please visit or call (412) 681-6382.

About Innova Robotics & Automation, Inc.
Fort Myers, Fl.-based Innova Robotics & Automation (INRA.OB) pioneers innovative solutions for customers in the software, aerospace, research, and service industries. The Company is chartered to continue expanding its growing suite of technologies through acquisitions and organic growth. Visit Innova online at

Press Contact:
Kami Noland
P:  (800) 641-2676 x728

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