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Security and Defense
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RE2 Awarded Contract to Deliver Solution for VBIED Defeat
Contract calls for the development of a modular reconnaissance manipulator.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 02, 2009
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Developer of intelligent modular manipulation systems wins a contract through the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office to develop a modular reconnaissance manipulator for reconnaissance tasks for Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED).

RE2, Inc. announced that it has been awarded a Broad Agency Announcement contract with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to develop a Modular Recon Manipulator for Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) Defeat. The RE2 Modular Recon Manipulator will provide bomb squad technicians with the capability to perform reconnaissance tasks within vehicles that are suspected to contain explosive devices.

As the United States continues to address the War on Terror abroad, terrorism and national security threats remain a reality at home. VBIEDs are an emerging threat and have the capacity to cause enormous destruction and devastation. Domestic Bomb Squad technicians are increasingly using robots to provide reconnaissance capabilities when responding to such threats. However, existing robotic platforms do not provide comprehensive reconnaissance capabilities, particularly for VBIED detection and defeat.

The goal of this contract is to provide bomb technicians with improved low-cost, plug-n-play tools for VBIED reconnaissance missions. Specifically, the technology will provide visualization of the VBIED threat with little or no disturbance to the contents inside of the vehicle.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with the CTTSO to develop technology that will equip bomb technicians with a plug-n-play solution for assessing VBIED threats while utilizing their existing robotic platform,” states Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO for RE2. “RE2 is dedicated to creating interoperable technologies that easily integrate with a bomb squad’s current robotic assets, eliminating the need for an entirely new explosive ordnance disposal robot.”

About RE2, Inc.
RE2, Inc. is a leading developer of intelligent modular manipulation systems. The Company’s manipulation systems utilize the RE2 JAUS Software Development Kit to ensure interoperability with fielded robotic platforms. RE2’s customers include the Army, Navy, Air Force, government labs, universities, and defense prime contractors. RE2’s expertise lends itself to several markets, including defense, law-enforcement, homeland security, and explosive ordnance disposal. To learn more about the RE2’s technologies, visit For more information, please visit or call (412) 681-6382.

Jessica Jordan-Pedersen
RE2, Inc.
Media Contact:
P:  (412) 681-6382

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