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Security and Defense
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TIAX Developing Power Source for U.S. Military Exoskeleton
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Sep 19, 2004
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TIAX LLC, a leading collaborative product and technology development firm, today announced it has completed the second phase of a project to develop an advanced power source for a prototype military exoskeleton. The contract was awarded to TIAX in 2001 and supports the exoskeleton program under the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

An exoskeleton is a wearable robotic suit whose hydraulically powered joints and limbs move in unison with those of the human lower body. The prototype exoskeletons under development will allow soldiers to bear heavy loads over long distances, wear heavier and more protective body armor, quickly extract wounded colleagues, forcefully access enemy structures, and use more powerful weapons.

Under the DARPA project, TIAX is developing a high-efficiency, free-piston hydraulic power source that is lightweight, quiet and capable of supporting the exoskeleton for 4 to 24 hours. The power source must handle wide variations between steady and peak loads, while remaining portable.

“We have combined our significant expertise in both compact power generation and military operations to successfully develop a viable power source for the exoskeleton,” said Kenan Sahin, president of TIAX. “TIAX is proud and committed to develop technology that will assist and protect our soldiers, as well as the many others who will benefit from the aid of an exoskeleton.”

Phase II of the project involved developing a prototype for the hydraulic power source and demonstrating that the technology meets the power, weight, and efficiency goals of the exoskeleton. The next phase will involve adding features to further improve performance and integrating the hydraulic power source with a prototype exoskeleton.

A pioneer in fuel cell, micropower and battery technologies, TIAX has helped clients in the public and private sector accelerate the development of new products, assess and integrate new technologies, and optimize the performance of existing systems.


TIAX LLC (pronounced Tie-ax) is a leading collaborative product and technology development firm that accelerates innovation to help its clients create an impact in the market--and in people’s lives. It integrates business, industry, and hands-on technology expertise to transform ideas into products and problems into solutions. Formed out of Arthur D. Little’s Technology & Innovation business, TIAX ( builds on more than a century of breakthrough innovation and client success using collaborative R&D. TIAX was selected as a Technology Pioneer 2003 by the World Economic Forum and is ISO 9001 certified with more than 50 research and development laboratories.


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