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2nd Annual GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering Award Presented to Team Behind Deep Water Vehicle
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 21, 2006
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A team of engineering professionals from the Deep Submergence Laboratory of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, whose work in developing a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) prototype resulted in the first detailed deep-water video images of the sunken luxury ocean liner R.M.S. Titanic, was presented with the 2006 GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering award today, July 14.

Recipients of the award were members of the 1986 Jason Jr. engineering team, who proved that operations by human-occupied submersibles near deep-water wrecks could be carried out safely and effectively, and a ROV could approach and investigate wreckage with the submersible remaining at a safe distance. The team has never been singled out and honored for its achievement on a national or international level.

The behind-the-scenes technical accomplishments of this team resulted in the design and prototyping of a tethered robotic “video vehicle” 12,000+ feet deep in the North Atlantic, where it took stunning color video images of R.M.S. Titanic that were later seen by millions on television. Unknown to the public, Jason Jr. also was developed for potential use by the U.S. Navy in obtaining detailed video of submarine wreckage of the U.S.S. Thresher and Scorpion, with the R.M.S. Titanic expedition designed to divert public attention.

GlobalSpec, the leading specialized search engine, information resource and e-publishing company for the engineering, industrial and technical communities, was host to a breakfast and award ceremony on the 20th anniversary of this event at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Jeff Killeen, chairman and CEO of GlobalSpec, presented the award.

“Twenty years ago, this talented team of engineering professionals embarked on a project that would result in countless other advancements in the areas of applied robotics, videography and deep sea forensics,” said Killeen. “Jason Jr. helped open doors to a new understanding of our subsea world through the use of ROVs, with uses ranging from undersea oil and gas exploration, to marine archeology, to the national defense and homeland security. GlobalSpec is honored to recognize this team for their engineering ingenuity and their positive impact on people, science and industry.”

Christopher J. von Alt, Jason Jr. principal engineer (1986) and president and CEO of Hydroid, Inc., accepted the award on behalf of the Jason Jr. engineering team. Also addressing attendees was Dr. James Luyten, acting president and director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering award is presented annually to a person or group whose singular moment of engineering ingenuity produced a significant turning point for the application of technology and resulting benefits to people, science and industry. The 2005 award was presented to NASA engineers from April 1970 responsible for saving the lives of crew members during the harrowing flight of Apollo 13.

About GlobalSpec, Inc.
GlobalSpec, Inc. is the leading specialized vertical search, information services and e-publishing company serving the engineering, technical and industrial communities. GlobalSpec users benefit from domain-expert search engines, a broad range of proprietary and aggregated Web-based content and over 40 product-specific e-newsletters - helping them search for and locate products and services, learn about suppliers and access comprehensive technical content. SpecSearch(R), GlobalSpec’s trademarked search technology, allows users to search by specification more than 135 million parts in 1,800,000 product families from more than 19,000 supplier catalogs. For suppliers, GlobalSpec offers highly filtered sales and marketing opportunities, product promotion and brand advertising platforms, and a wide range of e-media advertising and marketing solutions.

GlobalSpec, SpecSearch, The Engineering Search Engine and The Engineering Web are registered trademarks of GlobalSpec, Inc.

GlobalSpec, Inc.
Amber Devin, 518-880-0200 ext. 338

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