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Service and Healthcare
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Aethon Releases Newest Robotics Operating System That Enables Greater Range of Applications
Aethon's new OS supports wide variety of applications allowing the company to accelerate market penetration.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 15, 2009
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Advanced OS gives Aethon the ability to accelerate market penetration and increase its dominance in mobile robotic solutions for hospitals.

AETHON®, Inc., the leading developer of mobile robotic solutions for hospital supply chain logistics, announced today the release of its newest robotic operating system – TUGOS 6.5, which will significantly advance the operational capabilities of its autonomous mobile robot, the TUG®. With this latest upgrade, AETHON will also be able to increase the number of application solutions it offers to hospitals. Most notably, this advanced navigational operating system for mobile robotics significantly increases the processing speed of TUG’s autonomous decision-making algorithms, improving its navigational speed and agility.

The new TUGOS 6.5 also allows the use of more powerful motors and larger wheels, enabling the TUG to automate a wide range of hospital delivery tasks, including larger delivery carts for environmental service applications such as trash and linen.

With over 100 hospitals now using the TUG, AETHON’s innovative robotic technology offers customers the opportunity to invest in a product that provides a proven solution to improve quality and time of delivery while lowering costs. AETHON has been addressing the fundamental issues associated with lowering health care costs, increasing productivity, and now improving worker safety, through greater optimization of logistic processes.

Marc Summerfield, Director of Pharmacy at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), called the TUG “a transformational technology that has allowed us to save technician time while improving medication turnaround time and nurse satisfaction”. Since the upgrade to AETHON’s newest operating system, Marc and his staff have seen an additional increase in medication throughput. Because of the TUG’s success in the pharmacy, UMMC is looking at the new TUG features to further enhance medication efficiency and safety goals.

AETHON’s success in developing robotic solutions is unmatched in the world. Unlike any other robotic system, its unique proprietary technology and innovative approach gives the TUG its ability to safely and reliably operate in unstructured and dynamic environments such as hospitals.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, AETHON is a leader in healthcare Supply Chain Logistics and Workflow Solutions, providing a broad range of departmental and hospital-wide applications that automate the movement of goods (such as medications, supplies, meals, equipment, etc.), improve asset utilization, and ensure regulatory compliance. AETHON delivers its solutions through a proprietary autonomous mobile robot, the TUG, which reduces cost, enhances clinical productivity, improves workflow, and allows clinicians to focus more time on what matters most in patient care: the human touch. TUGs have demonstrated ROIs in the 20 to 50 percent range, while improving nurse and patient satisfaction. More than 100 hospitals nationwide have deployed AETHON’s technology. For more information, visit

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