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CSIP’s Roving Bat Makes a Name for Itself on TV
A documentary by a German TV show highlights the utility of the ROV for examining ship hulls and underwater structures as well as finding and disposing of explosives.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Aug 30, 2010

The Roving Bat underwater ROV from CSIP

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The Roving Bat, a free-flying hybrid ROV and crawler designed and made by CSIP, a UK-based company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of remote-controlled robotic systems for hostile environments, was the subject of a documentary recently aired in Germany.

ZDF Umwelt magazin, a German TV show focusing on environmental topics, featured the Roving Bat in a documentary about how offshore activity requires high-tech equipment to function effectively. The ROV, equipped with a hydrocarbon leak detection system, demonstrated its capabilities while underwater cameras provided a clear view of the action.

“The Roving Bat was originally designed to survey the hulls of ships, underwater structures, and hydraulic dams for any signs of damage,” says Simon Gilligan, managing director of CSIP. “It can also be used for the search and disposal of limpet mines and other explosive and suspect devices attached on ships hulls, harbour walls, or piers, making it one of the most popular vehicles in our fleet.”

According to Gilligan, the ROB is powerful, with six built-in thrusters—two longitudinal and four vertical—that enable it to withstand heavy currents for stable and reliable inspection. Its body is designed to minimize drag, reach its target in free-flying mode, and stick to any vertical or inclined surface. The Roving Bat then moves along the surface in crawling mode for close inspection and is capable of covering up to 20 meters per minute. It has a thrust of 80 kg when travelling vertically and 48 kg horizontally.

CSIP has received “several inquiries” about the Roving Bat from researchers in Germany, says Gilligan.

For more information, contact Simon Gilligan at or +44 (0)1305 779 020.

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