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Service and Healthcare
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Mantaro Launches New Telepresence Robot
The $1,500 cost continues the downward price trend, suggesting wider user adoption of the growing category of devices.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Dec 15, 2011

(Credit: Mantaro)

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Mantaro announced today the launch of their new addition to the TelePresence Robotlineup named the MantaroBot TeleMe.

The TeleMe currently supports a user supplied Apple iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, or an Apple iPhone 4/4S to be used as the “head” of the telepresence robot. Like the original MantaroBot, the TeleMe is controlled via a plug-in that works with Skype and allows a user to be virtually present in a remote location and to move around and interact with people wherever the TeleMe is located. TeleMe’s “head” can also be tilted up or down to expand the user’s viewing area. Mantaro will continue to add support for more tablet brands and personal communication devices.

TeleMe is controlled by an intuitive software application on the user’s PC that transmits speed and direction instructions through the Internet and WiFi. TeleMe is also equipped with a user controlled 90 degree tilt capability that allows the tablet’s camera to be positioned up or down for convenient viewing while interacting and driving. The user interface also displays IR sensor-enabled obstacle detection, communication link strength, and battery life.

”We designed the MantaroBot TeleMe to take advantage of Skype’s integration into tablets,” says Jeremy Parsons CEO of Mantaro, in a prepared statement from the company. “TeleMe allows the user to place a video call to the tablet and to move around and have full interaction with people. TeleMe is a light and very portable telepresence robot and can easily be transported and set up in any location.”

TeleMe opens up telepresence robots to applications and venues that were previously cost prohibitive. In addition to business applications, TeleMe can be used in homes, schools, museums or anywhere telepresence and mobility is desired by a remote user.

The MantaroBot and MantaroBot TeleMe will be demonstrated at CES 2012 in Las Vegas in the Robotics TechZone, organized by Robotics Trends. (Mantaro booth# South 1 - 21769). Mantaro is taking orders for TeleMe ($1,500 USD) with shipments scheduled to begin in February, 2012.

SOURCE: MantaroBot  via PRWeb


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