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Service and Healthcare
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MicroPilot’s Growth Continues - 500 UAV Integrators in 60 Countries
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 21, 2008
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MicroPilot is the world-leading manufacturer of miniature autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and micro aerial vehicles (MAV). MicroPilot’s list of customer’s has now surpassed 500 clients in more than 60 countries.  The continued growth is attributed to MicroPilot’s reputation, versatility and dependability.

For reputation, weighing only 28 grams, the MP2028g has set the benchmark for MicroPilot’s family of autopilots. In addition to the MP2028g, MicroPilot’s autopilots includes the MP2128g advanced autopilot; the MP2028LRC integrated autopilot; the MP2128HELI, a 28 gram rotary wing UAV autopilot and the recently introduced MP2128LRC and MP2128Heli-LRC integrated autopilots.  Each of these autopilots includes the HORIZONmp ground control software at no extra cost.

For versatility, MicroPilot has developed a full range of autopilot accessories including a Compass Module, Analog to Digital Converter Module, Ultrasonic Altitude Sensor, Configuration Wizard, XTENDERmp Software Developer’s Kit, plus the DayView and NightView stabilized cameras. Joining these accessories and development tools is MicroPilot’s newest product the trueHWIL Matlab-based true hardware in the loop simulator. The trueHWILmp differs from other autopilot simulation tools in that it electrically simulates all sensors thus providing the highest fidelity autopilot simulation available to date. 

For dependability, MicroPilot offers technical support, training, integration services, custom software development and flight testing at MicroPilot’s 40 acre Test Facility.

For reputation, versatility and dependability, MicroPilot is the choice of over 500 UAV integrators in 60 countries. 

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