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Service and Healthcare
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Mobile Robotics Platform Becomes A Semi Humanoid Known As SAMI
The mobile, autonomous and interactive robot was built to be utilized and deployed cross-industry.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Jul 09, 2012

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Forbes—SAMI the mobile robotic platform created by the CRIIF (Robotic Center of Ile de Franceis)*

SAMI is a $100K prototype robot that some claim represents the future of robotics – he was built to be utilized and deployed cross-industry from healthcare to manufacturing to entertainment and intelligent transportation systems.

He also was built cheaply, with quality materials and technology. SAMI is a mobile, autonomous and interactive robot. Human-sized, it has two robotic arms, allowing it to travel alone, avoid obstacles, navigate in its environment and especially interact with people.

“We believe that SAMI has endless applications because he is designed to do everything humans can do, including carry large loads and open doors,” said the machine’s builder Rodolphe Hasselvander. “For robotic adoption in the mass market, we have to overcome the barrier of interaction with humans.

“Thanks to technologies used in other markets, we are beginning to see a revolution in robotics which opens up limitless possibilities to reach the mass market.” SAMI integrates Kinect technology in the form of two PrimeSense sensors: one located in the torso to detect humans and one on the mobile base for navigation to scan the environment and avoid obstacles.

SAMI and other mobile robotic platforms could be useful for co-botics for industrial applications. For instance, an operator miles away could stand in front of the PrimeSense sensor and move his arms while SAMI reproduced the same movements at his location.

With seasoned entrepreneurs, robotics advocates and capitalists putting their money, expertise and time where they believe the industry needs to go, it’s the next generation like Hasselvander and his prototype SAMI that might be the lynch pin that puts a robot in very home.

* R&D organization offering outsourced/contractual technology transfer between public labs, industry and small to medium sized businesses in the field of advanced robotics.


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