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Service and Healthcare
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Infographic Explains Robotic App Market
According to the infographic, over 200,000 robotic dogs and 150,000 Pleo robotic dinosaurs exist, and many third-party apps have already enhanced their behaviors.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Dec 22, 2011

The app market explained visually: Scroll to the bottom of this article for a link to a full size version of the infographic. (Credit: RobotsAppStore)

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The RobotsAppStore has developed an infographic covering the market for robot applications. The infographic shows a number of apps already available at RobotsAppStore, which consumers will soon be able to purchase,” according to Elad Inbar, founder and CEO.

“Robot-Apps, like feeding the family pet, folding your laundry and even converting robotic dogs into security devices are not science-fiction anymore," said Inbar.  “There is no doubt that robot-apps will be a strong, dynamically growing, and profitable market in the near future.”

The infographic also reveals that the RobotsAppStore is already working with several hundred robot-app developers from all around the world, according to a prepared statement from the company. And the visual tool indicates that there are many more potential developers out there, if you consider that 250,000 teenagers who built and programmed robots while competing in First LEGO League this year, as they are the developers and consumers of the future.

Considering the progress that's taken place over the past several years in hardware and software, we will probably see more and more useful, programmable robots coming to the market in the upcoming years, and a marketplace for robot-apps emerging to provide the functionality for these robots, the release noted.

SOURCE: The RobotsAppStore

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