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Precarn Announces Funding for Graduate Students at Universities Across Canada
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 08, 2006
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Ottawa-based Precarn Incorporated announced that it has awarded $405,000 to support the robotics and intelligent systems projects of 54 graduate students across Canada.

“Precarn is investing in the future of researchers and innovators in Canada,” said Paul Johnston, President and CEO of Precarn, a not-for-profit company representing a national network of corporations, universities, colleges, research institutes and government partners who are involved in the development of intelligent information and communications technology (iICT). “The funds will help attract and retain in this country highly-qualified graduate students from a range of disciplines.”

The 54 recipients – who will each receive $7,500 – come from universities across Canada, including Dalhousie University, McGill University, Concordia University, Université Laval, Carleton University, Queen’ s University, York University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia.

A complete list of recipients is available at

Selected through a national application process starting with nomination by their professors, the students’ areas of study range from computer science to electrical and mechanical engineering to psychology. The funds will be used by the students to further their research and development work in robotics and intelligent systems.

“We are committed to creating job opportunities for highly-skilled Canadians right here at home, and these funds will go a long way in helping to address Canada’s ‘brain drain’ and skills shortage challenges,” Johnston explained. “Today’s graduate students are tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. These awards are an acknowledgement of the important role that graduate students play in contributing to the development of the Canadian economy.”

About Precarn Incorporated

Precarn is an independent not-for-profit company that supports the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies. Precarn works with Canadian companies who are seeking to commercialize their new ideas to get an edge in global markets. Unlike other research funding programs, Precarn uses a collaborative model that includes a developer, a customer and an academic research partner in every project.

This collaboration accelerates development, reduces risk and shares the cost of the R&D. Precarn provides access to an extensive national network of world-class researchers, innovative companies and sources of funding. Precarn receives support from Industry Canada, other federal departments and provincial government agencies, as well as private sources.


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