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Revolutionary Hybrid UGV, the First Available Commercially, Announced by Black-i Robotics
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Sep 11, 2008
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Black-I Robotics today announced a breakthrough in the field of robotics with the introduction of the world’s first commercially available hybrid unmanned ground vehicle.  The product is called the LandShark Model E Hybrid.  “The run time of the hybrid, operating on electricity or traditional fuel, is dramatically longer than standard small or midsized UGVs, greatly extending potential combat and security missions,” according to Robert Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing.  “Not only does it run longer, but it costs less than any comparable UGV on the market today,” he added.

“The hybrid LandShark can run all night or as long as a full day without refueling if needed.” said Brian Hart, President of Black-I Robotics.  “Even military grade electric batteries don’t have that capacity.  Plus high grade batteries cost a lot and cause environmental damage when ruptured.”

The hybrid LandShark utilizes advanced technology to achieve over 40-50 miles per gallon, or a run time of at least eight hours at five mph.  Adding another small fuel module could extend run time to 24 hours.  The LandShark also can operate from internal batteries in a silent all-electric modality.

“The ability to run in hybrid – fuel or electric - mode for an extended duration means the LandShark can operationally outlast any conventional electric UGV in the field today,” said Mr.  Hart.  “For example, in hybrid mode, the LandShark can guard a fence line of, say, an airport, providing persistent mobile surveillance all night.  In fact, the possibilities for new applications in remote reconnaissance are endless – trolling down roads for IEDs, patrolling borders, or surveying hazardous disasters like chlorine spills, where range and endurance are critical, to cite a few examples.”

“The LandShark hybrid makes unmanned ground vehicles more practical so that soldiers in the field, border patrols and homeland security personnel can keep themselves and the public safe,” Hart said.

“Black-I Robotics is focused on becoming a leader in affordable robust UGVs.  We welcome technology partners with a similar vision,” says Hart.

About Black-I Robotics
Black-I Robotics, Inc.  was incorporated in 2006 and is located in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.  Co-founder Brian Hart, a senior executive in pharmacy automation, left a Fortune 50 company in 2004 to push Congress for safer military vehicles, adequate body armor for troops and advanced tourniquets after his son, 20 year old PFC John Hart, was killed in action in an unarmored Humvee near Taza, Iraq, in October 2003.  Black-I Robotics was started after the founders watched on TV as a Marine pushed a suspected car bomb off a road in Iraq with his Humvee and the car bomb detonated.

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