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Service and Healthcare
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ROBOSOFT Shows a New Use-Case of its robuBOX
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Apr 21, 2008
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Robosoft delivers the first units of a set of 16 robotized machines to the “City of Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution (ESPCI)”

During the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes’s scientific exhibition opening, ROBOSOFT has shown the first robotized machines developed for ESPCI, all powered by its robuBOX™, the generic robotic middleware based on Microsoft® Robotics Studio, that comes with every robot produced by ROBOSOFT.

ROBOSOFT, a worldwide leader in service robotics solutions, demonstrates that it has developed a generic approach of software for robots : the robuBOX, already demonstrated and validated in several mobile and service robots, can also become the core of any complex robotized and automated system. The Pierre-Gilles de Gennes exhibition, designed by GULIVER, aims at highlighting advanced research results of ESPCI through 16 interactive and robotized scientific attractions, in which visitors will be virtually accompanied by researchers.

“The main technical challenge of our application was to develop 16 different machines, with 16 different software applications ” states Michel Lagues, in charge of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes exposition at ESPCI, “Thanks to its experience in robots Hardware and Software development, ROBOSOFT has been able to meet our requirements, while limiting the costs of software developments which are generally high and long when doing specific applications”.

The complete system is made of 16 machines, 30 handheld interactive displays, a lecture room and an interactive amphitheater.  For all these applications, Robosoft has used its generic software solution for service robotics: the robuBOX, allowing fast and efficient developments not only for machines hardware integration, handheld displays and interactive rooms, but also for the whole networked software architecture. Indeed thanks to Microsoft Robotics Studio CCR and DSS features, the machines and handheld devices communicate seamlessly as, for each demonstration, only one software application is running, distributed among every machine and handheld devices.

The robuBOX has allowed to re-use many existing software components and optimize the development of add-ons in order to achieve fast and efficient developments among the team of developers, working concurrently.

robuBOX aims at becoming a universal robotic software core. It integrates the latest advances in robotics software, including algorithms and development tools. robuBOX is based on Microsoft® Robotics Studio, the Windows®-based environment for robotics developers allowing a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for robotics controllers, leading to more flexible and re-usable software components. ROBOSOFT’s robuBOX provides high-level services, simulated robots and environments, allowing developers to invent and implement more and more efficient services robots end users.

RobuBOX launch took place in mid-2006. Several robots embedding the robuBOX have been deployed since:
Estele, the remote tele-echography system already in operation in 4 French Hospitals, robuCAB an automatic vehicle guided by GPS, a mobile robot for construction sites carrying pallets of materials, as well as the offthe- shelf ROBOSOFT robuLAB and robuROC mobile platforms for miscellaneous indoor and outdoor applications.

robuBOX is now available and allows robotics integrators and mass market manufacturers to seamlessly build a variety of advanced robotics solutions using the Microsoft® Robotics Studio environment.

ROBOSOFT is the European leader in service robotics. With more than 20 years of recognized scientific and industrial expertise in this field, ROBOSOFT provides advanced robotics solutions for transport, cleaning, surveillance, healthcare and research markets since 1985.

Beyond professional applications, the era of personal robotics is now starting. ROBOSOFT thinks that its service robots called “robuters®” will be part of everyday life within 5 years. According to forecasts of Japan Robotics Association: in 2010 worldwide personal and service robotics market will reach 17 billion dollars. Robuters will make easier everybody’s life in activities such as entertainment, education, culture, healthcare, assistance to elderly and handicapped people etc… In order to bring these applications to life, ROBOSOFT already integrates 80% of software complexity in its robuBOX, a software module based on Microsoft Robotics Studio, which is already incorporated in ROBOSOFT’s robots, but can also be licensed to integrators and robots manufacturers for mass production.
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The City of Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution, (ESPCI), is one of the most outstanding French institution that enhances the prestige and renown of our capital in the field of science. It has always been committed to maintaining the highest level of original and innovative research. At the same time it provides education and training in keeping with the expectations and requirements of the business world. Today, as industrialists are confronted with needs that span a wide range of disciplines, ESPCI is able to provide a variety of training and research options and cater to new sectors such as health, environment and imaging, thus proving that it can keep abreast with the changing demands of the business world.

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Michel Laguës
Directeur de l’Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
75 231 Paris

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