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Two Pioneering Robotics Companies Merge to Create Commercial Security Robots
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 16, 2005
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Cambridge, MASS, USA – 10 May 2005 – Frontline Robotics Inc. of Ottawa, ON and White Box Robotics LLC of Pittsburgh, PA today announced that they have agreed to merge the companies to pursue leadership in the emerging security robotics industry.

Frontline Robotics develops and markets the Robot Open Control™ (ROC), a robot operating system for teams of collaborative security robots. On April 19th Frontline announced that it had achieved real-time, cognitive-level collaboration between fully autonomous robots.

White Box Robotics has created the PC-Bot, a revolutionary mobile robot made from off-the-shelf personal computer parts. The PC-BOT delivers a functional and visually stunning mobile robotic platform for about the price of a good PC. On May 5th the Company announced that PC enthusiasts, robotics enthusiasts and educational institutions can now buy an affordable robot platform directly from the White Box web site.

The merger of these companies provides a strategic opportunity for market leadership in commercial security robotics. The ROC security brain is being hardened in homeland security/defense field trials, providing cognitive-level security mission planning and group situational awareness. Integration of the ROC onto the world’s first robot made from off-the-shelf PC parts creates a functional security platform with commercial price points and supportability around the globe. This opens up an opportunity for commercial channels to government, business and home markets with security service companies and IT companies.

“Our merger with White Box Robotics brings together complementary technologies and robotics people with a common vision”, said Richard Lepack, President & CEO of Frontline Robotics. “Our talent base, our intellectual property and our products give us the edge in staking out leadership in the high-growth opportunity of security robotics, from national defense to home security. Our doors are open for security OEMs to embrace first mover advantage”.

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