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Service and Healthcare
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Windoro UK Launches New Robot Window Cleaner.
The compact device allows window glass cleaning with a single click.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Dec 19, 2011

(Credit: Windoro)

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The Windoro automatic window cleaning robot is now available to order in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Windoro received a very positive reception after its release at last year’s IFA in Berlin, one of the largest consumer electronics and appliance trade shows, where more than a thousand of the devices were sold.

The cleaning robot consists of two units, one is responsible for the cleaning, and the other takes care of navigation. The units are kept together by neodymium magnets that you can adjust to suit the thickness of different windows. Windoro can work on glass panes that have 5mm – 25mm thickness, and it has options for manual or automatic glass cleaning. You can use its remote control to manually move the units or set Windoro to automatically move in a zigzag motion.

The robot returns to its original position when the cleaning is done. It also sounds an alarm when cleaning session is completed or if it needs recharging. A fully charged Windoro can work for up to two hours and can cover a square meter of a glass pane in ten minutes. As a safety measure, Windoro stays attached to the glass, even when it is turned off.

Windoro is intended for small businesses and homes where people find less time for window cleaning. Operating Windoro is as simple as putting its two units on both sides of the glass and pressing go. Windoro strides across the glass while dispensing a special detergent. Its four micro-fiber pads spin while the units move across the glass. You can remove the four micro-fiber pads to keep them clean.


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