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Steve Crowe is managing editor of Robotics Trends. Steve has been writing about technology since 2008. He lives in Belchertown, MA with his wife and daughter.

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Bocusini Wants to 3D Print Your Food via Pre-filled Cartridges
May 19, 2015 · Bocusini will come as a plug-and-play 3D printer or an open-source kit that retrofits existing 3D printers into food printers. Bocusini works like a pastry bag, depositing food onto your plate layer by layer via a heated 3D food printing head.
Watch a Drone Rescue Flood Victims in Texas
May 19, 2015 · A DJI drone was used to deliver a rescue line to a family surround by flood waters in their home in Texas. Watch video of how the drone helped.
5 Hottest Robot Projects on Kickstarter
May 15, 2015 · Many crowdfunding projects are unsuccessful, but these robot projects are currently hitting homeruns on Kickstarter.
Watch a Robot Win a Putting Competition
May 15, 2015 · Universal Robots attached a putter to the end of its UR5 robot arm and challenged golfers to a putting competition.
Robolink 12-in-1 Robot Kit Launches on Kickstarter
May 14, 2015 · Robolink is looking to bring its 12-in-1 Rokit Smart robot kid to the rest of the world, launching a campaign on Kickstarter looking to raise $15,000 by June 16th
Drone Near White House Causes Lockdown
May 14, 2015 · A man allegedly tried to fly a drone near the White House, authorities say. The drone never crossed the north fence line of the White House.
How Robots, Octopuses Might Revolutionize Surgery
May 14, 2015 · Researchers have designed a robotic arm that enables surgeons to access confined regions of the human body and carefully manipulate soft organs.
How Safe Are Google’s Self-Driving Cars?
May 12, 2015 · A new report sheds light on the number of accidents Google's self-driving cars have been involved in. How do Google's cars compare to the national average?
Humans Cruise to $732,713 Win Over Poker AI
May 12, 2015 · Four top poker pros beat the Claudico poker computer by a collective $732,713. So why are some considering the challenge a tie?
How Amazon Drone Delivery Will Work
May 7, 2015 · Amazon has been awarded a patent that outlines its plan for drone delivery. The drones will be able to communicate with each other, find the best flight path available, and update the delivery location as a customer changes location.
CyPhy Works Kickstarts Tilt-Free LVL 1 Drone
May 5, 2015 · The LVL 1 Drone from CyPhy Works has six rotors that are all slightly angled to help it maneuver without tilting forward or sideways and stabilize aerial photography and video.
Meet the Creepy Humanoid Robot That Resembles Sarah Palin
May 5, 2015 · Yangyang, a new humanoid robot that can talk, move its head, shake hands and even give hugs, resembles Sarah Palin. Yangyang even has skin made from a special type of silica gel to replicate the texture of human skin.
Real Life Grand Theft Auto 2 Created Using Drones
May 4, 2015 · A group of filmmakers and gamers recreated Grand Theft Auto 2 in real life using a drone, camera, "gang members" and a bunch of cars. Watch the recreation.
App-Controlled Robot Arm Gives Boy, 9, New Hope
May 1, 2015 · A young boy often bullied over a disability is given new hope with a robotic arm that can be customized via smartphone.
Human Pros Dominating Poker AI
May 1, 2015 · Carnegie Mellon's poker AI was down 626,892 chips against its human competitors at the halfway point. Can the super computer turn things around?
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