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Brad Templeton is a developer of and commentator on self-driving cars. He writes and researches the future of automated transportation at

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Google’s Self-Driving Car Accident: Why it’s a Good Thing
March 1, 2016 · Following a Valentine's Day accident with a public bus in California, Google says it has learned that big vehicles are much less likely to yield to its self-driving cars.
Will Self-Driving Cars Benefit from These Innovative Underpasses?
February 4, 2016 · Self-driving car expert Brad Templeton says a new type of intersection being developed in Malaysia will increase road efficiency and encourage the use of small, lower-height vehicles.
Will Privacy be an Issue With Self-Driving Taxis?
January 20, 2016 · It will be sad to lose the anonymous taxi we used to have, where you hailed a cab and paid in cash and no record was made. Brad Templeton explores a potential privacy issues with self-driving taxis.
Google Self-Driving Cars Still Need Human Intervention
January 19, 2016 · A Google report explains how often its driverless cars have been in near-crashes on California roads. Between September 2014 and November 2015, Google’s self-driving cars in California experienced 272 failures and would have crashed at least 13 times if human test drivers had not intervened.
All You Need to Know About Self-Driving Cars from CES
January 12, 2016 · Autonomous vehicle expert Brad Templeton looks under the hood of the biggest stories at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.
California Wants to Ban Google’s Self-Driving Car
December 18, 2015 · California wants to make it illegal to operate a self-driving car without a specially-licensed driver on board and ready to take control. This would effectively ban Google's self-driving car in the state and end California's run as the leader of the robocar race.
When it Comes to Self-Driving Cars, Tesla Has Nothing on Google
October 27, 2015 · We’ve seen claims that Tesla has beaten Google to the punch when it comes to bringing self-driving cars to the masses. But while Tesla Autopilot is a worthwhile step forward, it shouldn't even be compared to a Google self-driving car.
Are We Overhyping Tesla Autopilot?
October 15, 2015 · Brad Templeton says Tesla's Autopilot, and similar systems, might not be that exciting, serving as a stepping stone products to something that will truly change the world.
Volvo: We’ll Accept Liability in Self-Driving Car Accidents
October 8, 2015 · One of the more common questions surrounding self-driving cars is who will be liable in a crash. Well, an automaker has finally stepped up to the plate as Volvo said it will accept full liability when one of its self-driving cars gets into an accident in self-driving mode.
Could a Volkswagen-Like Scandal Happen to Self-Driving Cars?
October 6, 2015 · It’s not too surprising companies might cheat to improve the bottom line, especially when they convince themselves they won’t get caught. What does the recent Volkswagen scandal mean for self-driving cars? Brad Templeton explains.
LIDAR Hacks Fairly Unlikely Attacks on Self-Driving Cars
September 14, 2015 · To attack a self-driving car's LIDAR system, the hacker needs to physically be near the car and a solid object needs to be in front of the car. As Brad Templeton explains, other sensors in self-driving cars can more easily be compromised.
Narrow Roads No Problem for Self-Driving Cars
August 24, 2015 · Self-driving cars face many unsolved problems. But contrary to popular belief, narrow roads are not a problem for self-driving cars. In fact, it's a scenario in which the robot cars can far outperform humans
18 Pros and Cons of Google’s Restructuring for Self-Driving Cars
August 14, 2015 · Brad Templeton, once a consultant for Google's self-driving car team, offers some insight on how Google's recent restructuring might impact its robocars division.
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