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Engineers Create Mathematical Method to Design Better Robots, Structures
01/20/06 — Civil engineers design structures such as buildings and bridges using mathematical formulas, or theorems, that deal with the science of statics. Mechanical engineers designing robots, machinery and mechanisms use their own set of theorems dealing with kinematics, or the science of motion. Now, a mechanical engineer at Purdue University and…

A Team Of Robots Could Win The World Cup
12/19/05 — After recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, robots are almost ready to serve us in the home, hospital, office and everywhere. These robots are mobile, autonomous and intelligent. They will play an important role in our daily life. But is the public ready for such robot invasion? One…

MIT Closes in on Bionic Speed
12/15/05 — Robots, both large and micro, can potentially go wherever it’s too hot, cold, dangerous, small or remote for people to perform any number of important tasks, from repairing leaking water mains to stitching blood vessels together. Now MIT researchers, led by Professor Sidney Yip, have proposed a new theory that…

Oshkosh Truck and Rockwell Collins Announce Team Terramax
06/17/05 — Oshkosh Truck Corporation (NYSE: OSK) and its partner, Rockwell Collins (NYSE: COL), acknowledges its sponsors for Team TerraMax™, the second-generation, self-navigating robotic vehicle targeted to compete in the Pentagon-sponsored $2 million 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge on Oct. 8. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began sponsoring this 175-mile race…

Team Jefferson Selected for Desert Robot Race
06/16/05 — Team Jefferson was one of 40 teams selected to compete in the National Qualification Event to be held at the California Speedway in Fontana on September 27. Half the teams will advance to compete in the final race, which will be held October 8. The race, which takes robotic vehicles…

Carnegie Mellon’s Sandstorm Robot to Run Time Trials To Prove It Can Compete in Desert Race
05/16/05 — PITTSBURGH-On May 10, Carnegie Mellon University’s Sandstorm robot will demonstrate that it has the skills to compete in the 2005 Grand Challenge, a no-holds-barred, driverless race across 175 miles of hostile desert terrain, for a $2-million prize. Sandstorm, which went furthest and fastest in the first Grand Challenge, held in…

Move over, Mars Rover
12/09/04 — There are no textbooks in Chris Van Wolbeck’s class, no lectures, no sitting at desks. It’s all funny-looking protective goggles, computers, gears and lots of intellectual calisthenics. Every day for one hour, 20 San Ramon Valley High School students attend his robotics class and learn what it takes to create…

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