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Foster-Miller Begins Delivering New Shipment of TALON Robots
11/15/04 — The current shipment brings the number of TALON™ robots performing EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) work in Iraq and Afghanistan to more than 100 robots. “Foster-Miller remains committed to providing our troops with the best possible equipment in the shortest possible time,” said Dr. William Ribich, president and CEO. “Every robot…

Good Bomb, Good Bomb!;
11/01/04 — A patrol of American soldiers is under attack from mortars and rocket fire. They call for help from an aircraft circling high above. The pilot points a laser at a flat-bed truck from where the mortar fire is coming, and seconds later a Hellfire missile streaks down from the sky,…

iRobot and John Deere Team to Produce Military Ground Vehicle
10/28/04 — WASHINGTON, D.C.—AUSA ANNUAL MEETING Booth 2543, Oct. 25, 2004—Today iRobot and John Deere unveiled the Military R-GatorTM, an intelligent unmanned ground vehicle that will use off-the-shelf technology to autonomously perform dangerous and taxing missions. Until now, autonomous ground vehicles have been developed and built using custom technology on an individual…

TIAX Developing Power Source for U.S. Military Exoskeleton
09/19/04 — TIAX LLC, a leading collaborative product and technology development firm, today announced it has completed the second phase of a project to develop an advanced power source for a prototype military exoskeleton. The contract was awarded to TIAX in 2001 and supports the exoskeleton program under the U.S. Department of…

Japan’s TMSUK, TCM Jointly Develop Plant Survellance Robot
09/19/04 — Robot developer tmsuk Co. and TCM Corp. (TSE:6374) have jointly created a robot that can patrol a plant and transmit video and audio data through a third-generation cell phone. The developers built the robot by outfitting an automated guided vehicle with a camera and other equipment. The robot, which tmsuk…

CMU Readies Robot Vechicle
09/12/04 — Carnegie Mellon University’s Red Team took possession of a shiny new H1 Hummer yesterday and immediately began considering what they could strip off the hulking sport utility vehicle, beginning with its name. “Whatever it was when it came through the door, it’s not an H1 anymore,” declared William “Red” Whittaker,…

QinetiQ to Acquire Foster-Miller
09/09/04 — The acquisition is designed to increase Foster-Miller’s already rapid growth in commercial and defense markets. The company will continue current operations and expects that the new ownership will lead to a 15% increase in employment over the next year at the company’s Waltham campus. Foster-Miller will maintain its name and…

QinetiQ Buys Foster-Miller
09/09/04 — British science and technology development company QinetiQ Ltd. — the model for the British hi-tech and spy gadgetry service in the James Bond movies — said Wednesday, Sept. 8, it has agreed to buy Waltham, Mass.-based robot and armor maker Foster-Miller Inc. for $163 million. QinetiQ, formerly part of the…

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