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Robotics Virtual Summit Available On Demand
06/30/10 — Access to online exhibit hall, resource center, keynote addresses and feature presentations available at no charge. Event focused on autonomy, mobility and navigation in robotic systems. Robotics Trends announced that access to the inaugural event in the Robotics Summit Virtual Conference and Exposition Series, Autonomy, Navigation, and Mobility Solutions, is available on demand and at no charge at The online Autonomy, Navigation, and Mobility Solutions event includes: - An Exhibit Hall containing 23 exhibit booths featuring robotics technology and services providers showcasing their latest products; - A Resource Center offering downloadable product information and research reports; - An Auditorium…

Robotics Industry to Grow and Increase Hiring in R&D and Engineering
06/14/10 — Robotics Trends’ robotics workforce development report predicts increased hiring for R&D and engineering positions, with manufacturing, sales, and marketing to follow. Robotics Trends announced the immediate availability of the report, Current State and Future Needs of the Robotics Workforce. The report, which is based on a survey of companies that develop, resell, or use robots and robotic technology, describes the makeup of the current and future robotics labor force, hiring trends, and critical needs. Current State and Future Needs of the Robotics Workforce is available without charge and for immediate download with registration to the robotics virtual conference, Autonomy, Navigation,…

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