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ABB Introduces RobotWare 5.13
06/29/10 — New robot controller software enables leaner robotic cell design, provides greater performance and enhanced safety, and is compatible with the new IRC5 Compact controller ABB Robotics, a leading supplier of industrial robots, has launched the latest version of its robot controller software, RobotWare 5.13. The updated software provides manufacturers with improved programming and control of robotic equipment, and enhanced functionality, safety and motion control. For manufacturers this will facilitate smarter, leaner robot cell concepts and superior control of production lines. A leaner, less-restrictive safety system is a major advancement provided by RobotWare 5.13 through powerful new features added to SafeMove,…

ABB Introduces A Through-the-Arc Seam Tracking System For Welding Systems
06/22/10 — Specifically designed for the ABB IRC5 controller in heavy deposition welding application, WeldGuide III system is more cost-effective and reliable than the previous weld controlled systems. ABB Robotics is introducing WeldGuide III, an adaptive sensing system that performs weld seam joint tracking during the welding process, identifying variations in the weld joints to proactively correct the robotic torch path. Utilizing voltage and current sensors, the system takes real-time measurements through the welding arc to make any adjustments necessary to keep the robotic welding torch in the joint path no matter the programming. A combination of hardware and software specifically designed…

ABB Introduces Hybrid System Integrating Articulated Robot Automation With a Linear Gantry
02/19/10 — The new IRB 6620LX system, a 5-axis overhead robot arm mounted on a linear axis, increases robot utilization and reduce costs for machine tending, material handling, assembly and many other industrial applications. ABB Robotics, a supplier of industrial robots, has developed a hybrid system integrating articulated robot automation with a…

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