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STMicroelectronics’ Newest 3-Axis Accelerometer is Stingy with Power
06/22/10 — Embedded features include click and double-click recognition, 4D/6D orientation detection, the power-saving sleep-to-wake-up mode and a programmable FIFO memory block for smarter power management. STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a supplier of MEMS for consumer and portable applications, has extended its motion-sensor portfolio with a 3-axis digital-output accelerometer that combines a drastically reduced power consumption – more than 90% lower than available solutions on the market - with miniature footprint and enhanced functionality. With operating current consumption as low as 2 microamps, the 3x3x1 mm accelerometer is a perfect fit for motion-sensing features and applications in space- and power-constrained consumer devices, such…

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