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When Apple Comes Home, Thank a Robot
08/13/12 — When Apple comes home—and it will happen sooner than anyone, even Apple, would ever imagine—we’ll need to thank the triumvirate of rising wages overseas, automation and robots, especially robots. Rising wages and automation alone might make Apple move to India or Africa, but not re-shore itself stateside. The robot, however, holds the automation key. It takes five days and 325 steps to assemble an IPad The 325 steps and five assembly days needed to bring an iPad to life are in the hands of 300,000 Chinese workers at Foxconn’s Longhua factory. It’s those 300,000 pairs of assembly hands that robots…

KUKA Robotics and Optima Automation Team Up at Paper Mill
07/19/12 — Optima Control Solutions Ltd, an independent automation company, was approached by KUKA Robots and charged with the task of installing and programming a robot solution to integrate with the paper mill’s existing machine control system. The mill’s automation engineer reported: “We had complete confidence in the company’s expertise when KUKA recommended Optima as the best system integrator for the job. KUKA Robots employed a 3G router solution and made sure that remote robot diagnostics are possible via LogMeIn (a remote control desktop website). The most challenging part of the project was calculating the arc the robot had to take relative…

Kraft Foods Teams with CKF Systems for Robot Efficiencies
06/22/12 — Gloucester-based CKF Systems has designed, installed and commissioned a new automated re-circulating system for Kraft Foods at its Bournville production facility. Kraft recognized that a significant increase in efficiencies could be achieved through the introduction of an automated robot distribution system for its popular Roses and Heroes products. It was…

Robotic Assistants May Adapt to Humans in the Factory
06/13/12 — CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- In today’s manufacturing plants, the division of labor between humans and robots is quite clear: Large, automated robots are typically cordoned off in metal cages, manipulating heavy machinery and performing repetitive tasks, while humans work in less hazardous areas on jobs requiring finer detail. But according to Julie…

Innovations in Robotics and Evolving Safety Standards Examined in New White Paper
01/18/10 — Rockwell Automation releases a new white paper entitled “International Safety Standards Keep Pace With Advances in Robotic Technology and Applications” that examines the major innovations in robotics and robotic systems, including cableless teach pendants, human-robot collaboration, robot-to-robot synchronization and vision-based safeguarding systems, that new safety standards will address for the…

Seegrid’s GT3 Industrial Mobile Robot Reduces Travel Time and Labor Costs at Customer Manufacturing
06/02/09 — Seegrid Corporation (, a provider of industrial mobile robots for the material handling industry, announced Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. has sold and implemented Seegrid’s GT3 robotic tugger in a customer’s facility, providing immediate efficiencies and labor savings. | The Iowa-based customer, in its continuous efforts to improve quality and gain…

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