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Google’s Robot Auto Has New Rival in RoboCar HV
06/12/12 — ResponseJP—Last year, Tokyo-based robot venture ZMP introduced the RoboCar MEV mini car, single-person, 4-wheeled, autonomous, electric robotic vehicle. For 2012, ZMP has topped itself with robot car that this time really looks like a car. Watch out Google! The Robocar HV, based, according to Response JP, on the Toyota Prius, sells for $150,000 (MEV $35,000) and was developed by ZMP as a test vehicle for research and development that acquires vehicle sensor data via the vehicle’s controller area network (CAN) to enable vehicle control through an independent controller. The Robocar HV can acquire various information such as speed, engine RPM,…

Robotic Planes, Tractors Loom Behind Autonomous Cars
05/04/12 — Mary Cummings, a professor of aeronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was interviewed today at Wired's Disruptive by Design conference in New York, where she offered her views on the state of the art in autonomous vehicles. The work of Google and automakers has shown how cars can drive themselves in some situations. And many commercial flights are already fly-by-wire, allowing pilots to monitor the plane for when something wrong happens, rather than actively take off, fly, and land. Now the technology is advancing to the point where more autonomy is available -- if people become comfortable with it.…

Teaching Your Car How To Drive
03/16/10 — What if your car could learn how you handle different driving situations, then alert you if you fail to slow for a curve or start driving erratically? A European research project has already built a working prototype of a car so smart that it goes to driving school every day.…

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