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Robotic Fingertip More Sensitive than Human Touch
06/21/12 — Researchers at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering have created a robotic fingertip that is more sensitive to the touch than an actual human fingertip, an achievement which could greatly aid prostheses and advance artificial intelligence. Called BioTac, the tiny machine is a "new type of tactile sensor built to mimic the human fingertip, using a newly designed algorithm to make decisions about how to explore the outside world by imitating human strategies." The sensor was only rarely confused by pairs of similar textures, between which humans could not differentiate at all. USC Professor of Biomedical Engineering Gerald Loeb, who is…

Touch Bionics Unveils World’s First Bionic Finger
12/09/09 — Developer of i-LIMB Hand releases ProDigits, powered bionic fingers that can be operated using two control strategies that will be custom-designed and fabricated by clinicians to suit each individual’s specific needs. Touch Bionics, developer of advanced upper-limb bionic technologies, announced the commercial launch of ProDigits, the world’s first powered bionic finger solution for patients with missing fingers. Now partial-hand patients have a dexterous powered solution to support their return to function and independence. Created by the company responsible for market-leading bionics like the i-LIMB Hand, the ProDigits solution extends life-changing technology to partial-hand patients, whose finger absence is due either…

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