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AI Expert: Robots Will be Smarter Than Humans by 2029
02/27/14 — One of the world’s leading futurologists and artificial intelligence (AI) developers, 66-year-old Kurzweil has previous form in making accurate predictions about the way technology is heading. In 1990 he said a computer would be capable of beating a chess champion by 1998 – a feat managed by IBM’s Deep Blue, against Garry Kasparov, in 1997. When the internet was still a tiny network used by a small collection of academics, Kurzweil anticipated it would soon make it possible to link up the whole world. Now, Kurzweil says than within 15 years robots will have overtaken us, having fulfilled the so-called…

Boston Dynamics Wins DARPA Contract to Develop Legged Squad Support System
02/01/10 — Developer of Big Dog and other advanced robotics systems awarded a $30M DARPA contract to develop LS3, the first Legged Squad Support System, legged robots that can travel off-road on sand, rocks, mud, snow and other kinds of difficult terrain, while carrying loads. Boston Dynamics, developer of BigDog, PETMAN and other advanced dynamic robots, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop LS3, the first Legged Squad Support System. LS3 is a robot that will travel on rough terrain, going anywhere soldiers and Marines go on foot. Each LS3 will…

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