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Mazor’s Robot Renaissance Technology Receives FDA Approval for Brain Applications
07/16/12 — Mazor Robotics Ltd., a developer of surgical robots and complementary products, today announced its Renaissance platform received U.S. FDA marketing clearance, expanding the applications of the Renaissance system to include the precise positioning of surgical instruments and implants during brain surgery. “As neurosurgeons focus on both the spine and brain, brain surgeries represent a large market opportunity that is closely aligned with our current focus. Achieving U.S. regulatory clearance provides us with the opportunity to assist neurosurgeons in improving brain surgery processes and the ensuing clinical outcomes.” The Renaissance technology, a surgical guidance system originally designed for use in spine…

Artificial Cerebellum Enables Human-like Object Handling for Robots
07/05/12 — An artificial cerebellum has restored lost brain function in rats, bringing the prospect of cyborg-style brain implants a step closer to reality University of Granada researchers have developed an artificial cerebellum (a biologically-inspired adaptive microcircuit) that controls a robotic arm with human-like precision. The cerebellum is the part of the human brain that controls the locomotor system and coordinates body movements. To date, although robot designers have achieved very precise movements, such movements are performed at very high speed, require strong forces and are power consuming. This approach cannot be applied to robots that interact with humans, as a malfunction…

MIT & Georgia Tech Develop Robots That Can Reveal the Inner Workings of Your Brain
05/09/12 — Lauren Landry  for BostInno—Many of the inner workings of the brain remain a mystery. Yet, researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech might have cracked the code — and with what else than robots? Using a robotic arm guided by a cell-detecting computer algorithm, the team has discovered a way to…

UCI Robot to Aid Brain Research
11/04/09 — Researchers from the University of California Irvine and University of California San Diego study adaptive decision-making in humans using a robot controlled by a computer model of a rodent brain. A robot powered by a computerized model of a rodent brain will help researchers from UC Irvine and UC San…

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