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BatBot is up for Imitating Smart Bat Maneuvers
06/04/12 ——Robotics researchers in Spain and the U.S. are studying bats for their design work on drones. Bat wings are highly articulated, with skeletons similar to those of human arms and hands. The researchers have built a drone that mimics the way a bat changes its wing shape in flight. Bats achieve an “amazing” level of maneuverability, says a researcher, mainly because of their capacity of changing wing morphology during flight. Specifically, the "Batbot" replicates the way a bat changes the profile of its wing between the downstroke and upstroke. By folding wings toward their bodies on the upstroke, bats use…

Robotics Aids Allow Patients To Gain Limb Movement Years After Stroke
05/19/10 — A VA-funded study at four VA medical centers has found that intensive therapy with specially trained personnel and newly created robotic aids can help stroke patients regain limb movement more than a year after a stroke occurs. Results of the study, led at the Providence VA Medical Center by Albert Lo, assistant professor of neurology at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, are published online in the New England Journal of Medicine. Patients show modest yet meaningful gains in limb movement and an improved outlook on life years after suffering a stroke, a major clinical study has found. The…

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