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Robotic Cameras Will Snap Pictures at the 2012 Olympics
07/10/12 — Cameras with swiveling, nimble robotic heads will be deployed by photographers who work for Getty Images, the official agency of the International Olympics Committee. The robotic heads will be perchedon scaffolding above several of the sporting sites. The photographers themselves will be stationed below with what one Getty photographer described as a “joystick” to control the movement of the camera head — and click. “The camera is not thinking for us,” is how Shaun Botterill, the London-based chief sports photographer, put it. “The photographer is still there trying to get the picture he wants.” Still, he said, “it’s a big…

Baumer Introduces GigE Trigger Device
03/23/10 — GigE Trigger device controls single or multiple cameras, eliminating the need for hardware triggers and PLC controllers by combining sensor information with machine vision applications. For automated industrial inspection machines and vision systems, Baumer has introduced the revolutionary GigE Trigger device designed to control single-camera or multi-camera setups, eliminating the need for hardware triggers and greatly simplifying cable requirements.  Featuring multiple input/output ports, these devices can eliminate the need for PLC controllers by combining sensor information with machine vision applications. With eight (8) inputs and eight (8) outputs, the GigE Trigger device provides many connections for integrating light barriers, encoders,…

Viewbits Introduces 12 Megapixel, 25 Frames per Second, Machine Vision Camera
12/21/09 — Compact Iyeron CMOS monochrome camera with camera link captures full frame 4096 x 3072 resolution images at usable rates that compete strongly with linescan cameras. Viewbits, the industrial cameras division of CMI, announced today that they are now shipping their new high speed, high resolution 12 megapixel CMOS machine vision…

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