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Google’s Robot Auto Has New Rival in RoboCar HV
06/12/12 — ResponseJP—Last year, Tokyo-based robot venture ZMP introduced the RoboCar MEV mini car, single-person, 4-wheeled, autonomous, electric robotic vehicle. For 2012, ZMP has topped itself with robot car that this time really looks like a car. Watch out Google! The Robocar HV, based, according to Response JP, on the Toyota Prius, sells for $150,000 (MEV $35,000) and was developed by ZMP as a test vehicle for research and development that acquires vehicle sensor data via the vehicle’s controller area network (CAN) to enable vehicle control through an independent controller. The Robocar HV can acquire various information such as speed, engine RPM,…

Who Is To Blame When A Robotic Car Crashes?
06/11/12 — Society must make two big leaps in order to enable truly self-driving cars. The first is technological. Engineers need to improve today’s cars (which can warn a driver that he’s drifting out of his lane) beyond current Google and Darpa prototypes (which maintain the lane on their own) to the point where automobiles can edge forward through a construction zone while their owners sleep inside. The technological leap will be good for everyone. Machines are incredibly reliable. Humans are not. Most car crashes are caused by human error (a 2004 World Health Organization report put the figure at 90 percent).…

Nissan EPORO Robot Car “Goes to School” on Collision-free Driving by Mimicking Fish Behavior
10/05/09 — Advanced robotic concept cars inspired by anti-collision abilities of schooling fish debuts at CEATEC Japan 2009. In 2008, it was the flight of the bumblebee that inspired Nissan’s Biomimetic Car Robot Drive “BR23C” concept. In 2009, fish-inspired technology takes center stage in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s new Nissan “EPORO*1” robot…

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