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Crafts Teach Robotics: Hummingbird Kit for School Kids
07/18/12 — Kids in classrooms get to spend time on arts and crafts, and if they're really lucky they get to spend time working on electronics and robotics. But what if the two were combined, and the artistic side of a kid could be expressed by what they made their craft do, given some electronic components? That's the thinking behind a new kit that blends art with robots. Carnegie Mellon University writes, "The kit, called Hummingbird, consists of a customized control board along with a variety of lights, sensors and motors that can be connected to the controller without soldering. Students program…

Robotic Surgery: Tool-wielding Robots Crawl in Bodies
05/29/12 — Indystar—Imagine a tiny snake robot crawling through your body, helping a surgeon identify diseases and perform operations. It's not science fiction. Scientists and doctors are using the creeping metallic tools to perform surgery on hearts, prostate cancer, and other diseased organs. The snakebots carry tiny cameras, scissors and forceps, and even more advanced sensors are in the works. For now, they're powered by tethers that humans control. But experts say the day is coming when some robots will roam the body on their own. "It won't be very long before we have robots that are nanobots, meaning they will actually…

Robots: Robopocalypse
05/16/12 — Daniel Wilson is a roboticist turned novelist. His PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University set him on a path to success, with inside knowledge about robot capabilities leading him to write his first book in 2005 about How to Survive a Robot Uprising. In this interview he gives us…

Robots to Mine Near-Earth Asteroids
04/23/12 — Pasadena, CA—New report describes the results of a study sponsored by the Keck Institute for SpaceStudies (KISS) to investigate the feasibility of identifying, robotically capturing, and returning an entire Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) to the vicinity of the Earth by the middle of the next decade.  The KISS study was performed…

Cyborg Cabaret Explores Human-Robot Relations
04/18/12 — Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburg—Humans and robots will share the stage of the North Side’s New Hazlett Theater at 8 p.m., Friday, April 27, for the Cyborg Cabaret, a variety show designed to make the audience laugh hard and think harder about how technology is changing society. The interdisciplinary show will feature…

Piasecki Aircraft and Carnegie Mellon Team to Develop Full-Size Autonomous Helicopter
07/09/10 — Piasecki Aircraft-Carnegie Mellon flight demonstrate autonomous helicopter collision avoidance and landing zone selection system for casualty evacuation and transport. Piasecki Aircraft Corp. and Carnegie Mellon University have developed and successfully flight-tested a navigation/sensor system that enables full-size, autonomous helicopters to fly at low altitude while avoiding obstacles; to evaluate and…

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