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Suidobashi Premiers its Gun-toting Kuratas Robot at Tokyo’s Wonder Festival
08/01/12 — Suidobashi Heavy Industry has just introduced the finished version of its heavy-duty robot dream machine at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo. Developers have been working on the robot, Kuratas, since 2010. Kuratas, is 12 feet tall and weighs five tons. The robot is modeled to be a human shaped tank with a head, two movable arms, and a four-wheel diesel engine platform that lets the bot travel up to 6.2 miles per hour. It is can be used as an exoskeleton and controlled via joystick from a command chair, or operated remotely via a 3G smartphone or Kinect. The robot’s purpose…

3D Systems Creates Printable Robots for Kids
08/01/12 — 3D Systems Corporation is bringing 3D printing to robotics with a new Cubify store “app” for making robots. The 3D printing company announced today the immediate availability of its new Cubify toy robots designed specifically for printing on Cube, the world's first home 3D printer. The Cubify 3D printer runs on the single neon material cartridge  and is priced at $1,299.  The entire collection can be downloaded and printed at home on your Cube 3D printer. Starting at $4.99, Cube printed robots are also available for home delivery through Cubify and come individually packaged or in sets of three with several options…

South Korean Telecom Unveils Robot Playmate for Kids
04/21/11 —   South Korean telecom operator KT has rolled out a robot playmate for children in a move seen as cashing in on the potentially lucrative robotics industry. Kibot, which has a monkey face and a display panel on its body, can read books, sing songs, play online games, and wheel…

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