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TYZX Introduces the TYZX DeepSea G3 Embedded Vision System for Autonomous Robots
10/05/09 — Small rugged vision system delivers real-time 3D data about shapes and locations to applications for navigation, obstacle avoidance, person-tracking, and more. TYZX, a provider of 3D vision technology company, announced the availability of the TYZX DeepSea G3 Embedded Vision System (EVS), a small, fast, rugged, and smart 3D vision system that provides reliable, real-time range data for robots, security systems, and other applications, even in adverse operating conditions. In a compact enclosure about the size of a paperback book, the TYZX G3 EVS integrates a TYZX DeepSea stereo camera featuring two High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagers, a TYZX DeepSea 3…

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