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IEEE Spectrum: Developments to Watch For in 2012
04/06/12 — When the world’s pre-eminent electronic engineering magazine makes predictions about the near-term future of our industry, it’s worth paying attention. And that’s particularly true when the magazine’s predictions are based on comments from a panel of experts. Their forecasts included the continuation of some trends we’ve already seen, such as the rapid rise of cloud robotics, the increased use of 3D imaging and guidance, spearheaded by Microsoft’s Kinect system, and further advances in collaboration between robots and humans in the workplace. But several of the group’s predictions have received less press coverage. Yet they’re destined to have far reaching impacts…

National Instruments Introduces LabVIEW Robotics 2009
01/11/10 — LabVIEW Robotics 2009 can import code from other languages including C/C++, .m files and VHDL, and communicate with a wide variety of sensors using built-in drivers for everything from LIDAR, IR, sonar and GPS devices to dramatically reduce development time allowing engineers and scientists to focus on adding their own algorithms and intelligence. National Instruments announced LabVIEW Robotics 2009, a new version of its graphical system design software that provides a standard development platform for designing robotic and autonomous control systems. NI LabVIEW Robotics 2009 delivers an extensive robotics library with connectivity to standard robotic sensors and actuators, foundational algorithms…

Microchip Technology Releases Tools for Motor Control
12/07/09 — The dsPICDEM MCHV toolset for the development of high-voltage, closed-loop motor control applications, and the dsPICDEM MCSM Development Board for creating unipolar and bipolar stepper motor applications, are both designed to ease the development process and reduce development time Microchip Technology Inc. [NASDAQ: MCHP] announced two new low-cost development systems,…

Wind River Partners With Kontron on Distribution Agreement for VxWorks and Wind River Linux
11/24/09 — Kontron joins Wind River partner validation program to provide tighter hardware and software integration within a software ecosystem. Wind River and Kontron today announced a global, multi-year agreement under which Kontron will distribute Wind River’s VxWorks and Wind River Linux operating systems. This agreement extends a decade-long collaboration, and is…

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