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Robot Cats Purrrrfect for Elderly
05/14/12 — Robot cats and other man-made companions could help Britain's elderly, according to a report by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The report recommends that autonomous devices could provide a variety of different services to older people, ranging from basic companionship to medical monitoring. Devices with the appropriate sensors could act as fire detectors, or flash lights when doorbells or phones ring. "This is not constrained by the technological possibility of it so much as by the desire to do it -- and that is bound up with all sorts of social factors," said Professor Will Stewart of Southampton University, who…

Robotics Help the Disabled See the World Around Them
05/02/12 — Keith Wagstaff, TechLand—Robots are natural candidates for helping people with disabilities, mainly because they have to simulate senses that most of us take for granted. For a robot to “see,” usually ithas to create a virtual map so it can carefully plot its course. That technology is being utilized by the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics in Paris to help people who can’t see get a clear picture of what is around them. The idea is that a person would wear a pair of glasses equipped with cameras and sensors. The information gathered by the glasses would be processed…

Gecko Projects Elder-Care Robot Market Growth to $83B in 2014
05/18/09 — In the middle of a hard recession, most companies are hard-pressed to make optimistic reports of this year’s sales, let alone next year’s. Gecko Systems International Corp., however, has announced an “optimistic” projection of sales of its eldercare personal robots that reaches out five full years. Much of the projection…

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