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When Apple Comes Home, Thank a Robot
08/13/12 — When Apple comes home—and it will happen sooner than anyone, even Apple, would ever imagine—we’ll need to thank the triumvirate of rising wages overseas, automation and robots, especially robots. Rising wages and automation alone might make Apple move to India or Africa, but not re-shore itself stateside. The robot, however, holds the automation key. It takes five days and 325 steps to assemble an IPad The 325 steps and five assembly days needed to bring an iPad to life are in the hands of 300,000 Chinese workers at Foxconn’s Longhua factory. It’s those 300,000 pairs of assembly hands that robots…

Beckhoff Automation Introduces TwinCAT Robotic Control
09/27/10 —   To further integrate robot control into its dyanamic PC-based software platform, Minneapolis-based Beckhoff Automation has released its new TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation software. With this release, TwinCAT software now extends its standard machine sequencing and motion control capability to Delta- and SCARA-type robot mechanisms with a Kinematic Transformation option.    This eliminates the need for a dedicated robot controller, the associated software, and handshaking routines in applications that require a robot to handle part loading/unloading tasks.  Since the robot control is in the same controller, the robot movements can be tightly coordinated with non-robotic motion such as conveyors and other…

Food Robot Turns Heads in Tokyo
06/11/09 — Fanuc Robotics, Inc. is demonstrating its high-speed food-picking robot arm at the Fooma Tokyo food-automation expo this week. The units, which were the first to pass USDA hygiene requirements and got the company an approving nod from analysts at Robotics Business Review for the innovation, are designed to pick primary…

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