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Humanoid Robot Works Side by Side With People
05/22/12 — ScienceDaily — The first robots reached the world of industry over 60 years ago. Since then, for security reasons, they have performed their work isolated in cages, and that prevented collaboration between workers and machines. The research centre Tecnalia Research & Innovation is embarking on a new era by incorporating into European industry the first robot capable of working shoulder to shoulder with people. There are two aims: to improve the capacities of the workers in conditions of safety; and to increase the competitiveness of the factories in international markets. For this it has the robot Hiro, Japan's most closely…

Europe’s Largest Robotics Laboratory Opens in UK
05/10/12 — The Bristol Robotics Lab is a partnership between UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) and the University of Bristol. It is home to 70 academics and businesses who are leading current thinking in 'nouvelle' and service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering. Over $2.5 million has been spent on the new facilities which cover 2,400 sqm, with over 300 metres of specialised laboratory space and two Flying Arenas. "This is probably the largest robotics lab in Europe," said Libor Kral, Head of Unit Cognitive Systems for Interaction Robotics at the European Commission. Robotics is a key element for…

ABB Introduces RobotWare 5.13
06/29/10 — New robot controller software enables leaner robotic cell design, provides greater performance and enhanced safety, and is compatible with the new IRC5 Compact controller ABB Robotics, a leading supplier of industrial robots, has launched the latest version of its robot controller software, RobotWare 5.13. The updated software provides manufacturers with…

ABB Introduces A Through-the-Arc Seam Tracking System For Welding Systems
06/22/10 — Specifically designed for the ABB IRC5 controller in heavy deposition welding application, WeldGuide III system is more cost-effective and reliable than the previous weld controlled systems. ABB Robotics is introducing WeldGuide III, an adaptive sensing system that performs weld seam joint tracking during the welding process, identifying variations in the…

Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction – the Future of Robot Programming
06/21/10 — Intuitive programming approach employs a intelligent 3D object recognition system to create a model of the real workpieces. PROFACTOR, the Steyr, Austria based corporate group specialized in manufacturing technology, presented an intuitively programmable gripper demonstrator at AUTOMATICA 2010, thus showing the way to the future of robot programming. The demonstrator…

Axium Announces Robotics Order Picking Solution for Mixed Case Packing Applications
05/04/10 — New MP900 robotic system addresses demand for mixed product orders, improved working conditions and reduced shipping costs and errors. Axium Inc. a robotics solution provider, announced its new robotic order picking solution. The MP900 is a fully automated solution for packing complete mixed load cases. The system utilizes a series…

DENSO Robotics Introduces New EtherNet/IP Connectivity
12/15/09 — DENSO’s EtherNet/IP connectivity option for RC7 robot controller allows for single cable connectivity to programmable logic controllers, thereby reducing setup time and hardware costs. DENSO’s new EtherNet/IP option for its RC7 robot controller allows a single cable to connect the robot controller with a programmable logic controller (PLC), simplifying integration…

Motoman Expands Into Humanoid Robotics:  A Conversation with Craig Jenningsilluminating
03/17/08 — In this illuminating article, Craig Jennings, CEO of industrial robotics manufacturer Motoman, describes the company’s new humanoid robotic products.  Jennings explains how Motoman humanoid systems are extremely well suited for handling, manipulation and assembly-related tasks that require two hands, and that the market for such systems is huge and an…

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