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Humanoid Robot Works Side by Side With People
05/22/12 — ScienceDaily — The first robots reached the world of industry over 60 years ago. Since then, for security reasons, they have performed their work isolated in cages, and that prevented collaboration between workers and machines. The research centre Tecnalia Research & Innovation is embarking on a new era by incorporating into European industry the first robot capable of working shoulder to shoulder with people. There are two aims: to improve the capacities of the workers in conditions of safety; and to increase the competitiveness of the factories in international markets. For this it has the robot Hiro, Japan's most closely…

Europe’s Largest Robotics Laboratory Opens in UK
05/10/12 — The Bristol Robotics Lab is a partnership between UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) and the University of Bristol. It is home to 70 academics and businesses who are leading current thinking in 'nouvelle' and service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering. Over $2.5 million has been spent on the new facilities which cover 2,400 sqm, with over 300 metres of specialised laboratory space and two Flying Arenas. "This is probably the largest robotics lab in Europe," said Libor Kral, Head of Unit Cognitive Systems for Interaction Robotics at the European Commission. Robotics is a key element for…

Baumer Introduces GigE Trigger Device
03/23/10 — GigE Trigger device controls single or multiple cameras, eliminating the need for hardware triggers and PLC controllers by combining sensor information with machine vision applications. For automated industrial inspection machines and vision systems, Baumer has introduced the revolutionary GigE Trigger device designed to control single-camera or multi-camera setups, eliminating the…

North American Robot Orders Fall 25% in 2009, But Positive Signs Emerge in Fourth Quarter
02/08/10 — Robotic Industries Association reports a sharp decline for new robot orders over 2009, but levels off during the 4th quarter.  Moreover, life sciences/pharmaceutical/biomedical orders rose 43% in units while food and consumer goods orders rose 7%. North American robotics companies saw orders for new robots fall 25% in 2009, but…

ST Robotics Introduces “Firefly”
11/09/09 — Affordable, high-performance industrial robot system, featuring theR12-500 robot arm, the new Mk5 controller, and RoboForth II software, targeted to small companies looking to automate processes. ST Robotics announced the introduction of their new R12-500, dubbed “Firefly”—a technological and economical breakthrough in bench-top robotics.  At last, small companies looking to increase…

Food Robot Turns Heads in Tokyo
06/11/09 — Fanuc Robotics, Inc. is demonstrating its high-speed food-picking robot arm at the Fooma Tokyo food-automation expo this week. The units, which were the first to pass USDA hygiene requirements and got the company an approving nod from analysts at Robotics Business Review for the innovation, are designed to pick primary…

Motoman Releases Expert-System Software for Robot Repairs
05/26/09 — Motoman has announced a new software product called RobotPro Web Edition that provides a comprehensive troubleshooting system for preventive maintenance and repairs of Motoman robots that use the company’s NX-series controllers. The software has versions for each robot model and is structured in a way designed to be easy for…

Swedish Factory Fined After Robot Grabs Worker’s Head
05/01/09 — A Swedish company has been fined the equivalent of $3,000 for a June, 2007 incident in which an industrial robot grabbed a worker’s head and broke four ribs as he was attempting to repair it.  According to a local news site, a maintenance worker in the town of Balsta approached…

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