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Robot to Robot: Dragon and Space Station Meet Up
05/25/12 — The privately owned and operated SpaceX Dragon capsule docked with the International Space Station on Friday, a success for the Obama administration’s new strategy of using robotic missions and public-private partnerships in space.  NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station helped guide the capsule in, but the craft itself was operated remotely from SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. "It looks like we've got us a Dragon by the tail," NASA’s Don Pettit told SpaceX Mission Control, carrying on a long tradition of carefully scripted astronaut quips.  “For the first time, a private American company has successfully launched a spacecraft into…

Terraforming Landscape For A Robotic Rover
05/07/12 — Challenged to design a background for a small rover controlled from space, students in Germany have delivered a futuristic cityscape. The cool space art will be seen by astronauts in orbit via the rover’s camera eye as they remotely control their avatar later this year. The ultimate goal is for robot astronauts to roam around hazardous places like Mars and asteroids guided by human controllers safely orbiting overhead in their spacecraft. As a first step, ESA is linking the International Space Station and Earth for remotely controlling terrestrial test robots from the orbital outpost. This Meteron (Multi-purpose End-To-End Robotic Operations…

Robot Cargo Ship Docks in Space
04/24/12 — An unmanned Russian supply ship arrived at the International Space Station Sunday (April 22) carrying tons of fresh supplies in an Earth Day delivery for the orbiting lab's crew. The robotic Progress 47 cargo ship docked with the space station at 10:39 a.m. EDT (1439 GMT), ending a two-day flight…

NASA to Launch Human-Like Robot to Join Space Station Crew
04/21/10 — Robonaut2, a two armed humanoid robot jointly developed by NASA and General Motors to work cooperatively and safely side-by-side humans on Earth and in space, is to become a permanent resident of the International Space Station. NASA will launch the first human-like robot to space later this year to become…

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