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InterSense Announces Breakthrough IMU Chip for Navigation and Stabilization
10/01/09 — InterSense’s NavChip, the first commercially available inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor on a chip, approaches fiber-optic gyro precision at MEMS IMU price points. InterSense Inc., a producer of precision motion technology has unveiled the NavChip™ OEM Developer’s Kit at the Institute of Navigation’s 2009 GNSS show (ION GNSS 2009). The kit includes a pre-release engineering sample of InterSense’s NavChip™, which is expected to become the industry’s first commercial inertial measurement unit (IMU) on a surface-mount chip. The NavChip will enable advanced inertial navigation applications, including GPS/INS integration previously limited to large-scale military vehicles, to be deployed on small unmanned vehicles…

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