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Viewbits Introduces 12 Megapixel, 25 Frames per Second, Machine Vision Camera
12/21/09 — Compact Iyeron CMOS monochrome camera with camera link captures full frame 4096 x 3072 resolution images at usable rates that compete strongly with linescan cameras. Viewbits, the industrial cameras division of CMI, announced today that they are now shipping their new high speed, high resolution 12 megapixel CMOS machine vision camera. Iyeron™ is a compact shock-resistant camera with a 1.9-inch CMOS monochrome progressive scan sensor. The camera offers HXGA 4096 (H) x 3072 (V) pixel resolution at a full frame speed of 25 frames per second (fps). Until recently only linescan cameras offered such horizontal resolutions. Iyeron features extremely high…

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