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‘Father of Java’ Embraces Robotics and Ocean Science
06/01/12 — Tyler Hamilton for —Calgary-born computer whiz James Gosling is known in the technology world as the “father of Java,” the write once, run anywhere programming language used on billions of mobile phones and Internet servers. But having spent the past two decades of his life producing Java applications for other people, the 57-year-old computer scientist is now getting a chance to use it himself. After 26 years working at Sun Microsystems and a more recent five-month stint at Google, Gosling decided in August 2011 to leave the world of big IT and dive – literally – into the ocean.…

JEOPARD Project Begins Validation of Parallel Real-time Java VM
03/17/10 — The JEOPARD project, an initiative of aicas GmbH and the Open Group, and partially funded by the EU’s 7th framework program, is designed to develop new real-time Java technologies for multicore systems.  JEOPARD has its Parallel Real-time Java VM under test at a number of partner companies. One of the results of the JEOPARD project, a unified parallel real-time Java VM for high performance, real-time and safety critical platforms is currently under test by industrial project partners. Among these partners are EADS Germany, Skysoft Portugal and Radio Labs Italy, who put the Java VM through their paces with actual applications.…

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