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KUKA Robotics and Optima Automation Team Up at Paper Mill
07/19/12 — Optima Control Solutions Ltd, an independent automation company, was approached by KUKA Robots and charged with the task of installing and programming a robot solution to integrate with the paper mill’s existing machine control system. The mill’s automation engineer reported: “We had complete confidence in the company’s expertise when KUKA recommended Optima as the best system integrator for the job. KUKA Robots employed a 3G router solution and made sure that remote robot diagnostics are possible via LogMeIn (a remote control desktop website). The most challenging part of the project was calculating the arc the robot had to take relative…

China’s Rising Wages Feed Robotics Boom
06/28/12 — (CNN) -- Rising wages in China may be squeezing the profits of many manufacturers -- but they are also feeding a boom in the robotics industry. Wages in China's cities rose 12.4% last year, while in rural areas they were boosted by 21.9%, accordingto figures from China's National Bureau of Statistics. While that may be good for workers, manufacturers are softening the blow to their balance sheets by turning to robotics -- which are cheaper, faster and deliver high quality. China is the fastest growing market in robotics, and by 2014 it will top the global market, according tothe International Federation…

KUKA Robotics Joins Up With AMRC
05/15/12 — KUKA  is seeking to become involved in order to offer greater technical support to the AMRC’s future automation projects after being chosen to supply a number of robots for various research programs. KUKA robots are currently being used at the center for a project headed by Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems…

KUKA is Revolutionizing Robotics With a Sensitive Touch
12/04/09 — KUKA and the German Aerospace Center co-develop a small, lightweight robot, in use in piolet projects since March 2009, was designed to operate in close association with human co-workers. KUKA Roboter GmbH, based in Augsburg, is demonstrating once again that it wants to play a key role in shaping the…

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