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Inventor Snags $10k for Robo Invention
05/29/12 — Chris Burns for SlashGear—Inventor / developer Arthur Wait of Silicon Valley took home $10,000 this week for winning Microsoft’s most recent Robotics @Home Competition with his fabulous new Smart Tripod. This device takes several components such as the Eddie Robot Platform, a Kinect, and a Microsoft RDS 4, and creates a perfect companion for the at-home do it yourself aficionado. This tripod is a robot we would not mind keeping in the corner for daily use, that’s for certain! Microsoft Robotics is behind this whole adventure with their Robotics @Home competition and Robotics Developer Studio 4 (aka RDS 4). This…

Kinect SDK Beta Release Pushes Microsoft Back into Robotics
06/17/11 —   It's been a while since we've heard Microsoft and robotics used in the same sentence. Once a leader in robotics development, with longtime Microsoft employee Tandy Trower at the helm, Microsoft launched its Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 1.0 in 2006. In November 2009, seeing the opportunities in the future of health care robotics, Trower left the company to start Hoaloha Robotics, with Microsoft being relatively quiet on the robotics front and focusing more on cloud computing and other technologies. But Thursday's announcement of the free download of Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) in beta form has pushed…

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