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Mobile Robotics Platform Becomes A Semi Humanoid Known As SAMI
07/09/12 — Forbes—SAMI the mobile robotic platform created by the CRIIF (Robotic Center of Ile de Franceis)* SAMI is a $100K prototype robot that some claim represents the future of robotics – he was built to be utilized and deployed cross-industry from healthcare to manufacturing to entertainment and intelligent transportation systems. He also was built cheaply, with quality materials and technology. SAMI is a mobile, autonomous and interactive robot. Human-sized, it has two robotic arms, allowing it to travel alone, avoid obstacles, navigate in its environment and especially interact with people. “We believe that SAMI has endless applications because he is designed…

Gumstix, Inc. Simplifies Mobile Robotic Development
06/06/12 — SAN JOSE, CA—Gumstix, Inc., the premier provider of tiny computers-on-module (COM) and expansion boards for professional design engineers and hobbyists, today introduced the TurtleCore, a new, low-cost expansion board that will enable robotics enthusiasts to build robots easily and cost-effectively using the iRobot Create Platform. The TurtleCore expansion board, in combination with a Gumstix Overo or Overo STORM series COM, integrates directly into the iRobot Create, eliminating the need for a netbook to operate the mobile robot or interface with camera inputs. "The iRobot Create is an exceptional platform for mobile robotics, and we believe our small COMs and expansion…

ADAM Robots Introduced into Japanese Market
05/23/12 — RMT Robotics entered into a sales representative agreement with eepos Japan for the promotion and sale of its ADAM mobile robots in Japan. Eepos Japan will work with RMT to promote and sell the AMR fleets to end users throughout Japan with a strategic focus on the automotive manufacturing and…

RE2, Inc. Awarded Funding to Develop a Conformal End-Effector
06/22/10 — RE2 and partner Stealth Composites awarded a contract from the Robotics Technology Consortium to develop new classes of end-effectors for the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic Systems program. RE2, Inc., a developer of intelligent modular manipulation systems, announced that it has been awarded a research and development contract with the…

Robot Provides 3-D Images of Dangerous Locations
02/22/10 — Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Missouri-Columbia partner to develop a remote-controlled robot that is equipped with an infrared camera and LIDAR technology capable of providing detailed images of room interiors even when peering through a window. Soldiers and first responders may soon have…

QinetiQ North America Developing Roving, Early-Warning WMD Detector
02/11/10 — QinetiQ North America partners with Brewer Science and Applied Systems Intelligence to develop a mobile chemical and biological sensor for the military and for homeland defense. QinetiQ North America (LSE: QQ) announced that it is working with Brewer Science and Applied Systems Intelligence on a program to develop an autonomous,…

Aethon Releases Newest Robotics Operating System That Enables Greater Range of Applications
07/15/09 — Advanced OS gives Aethon the ability to accelerate market penetration and increase its dominance in mobile robotic solutions for hospitals. AETHON®, Inc., the leading developer of mobile robotic solutions for hospital supply chain logistics, announced today the release of its newest robotic operating system – TUGOS 6.5, which will significantly…

Seegrid’s GT3 Industrial Mobile Robot Reduces Travel Time and Labor Costs at Customer Manufacturing
06/02/09 — Seegrid Corporation (, a provider of industrial mobile robots for the material handling industry, announced Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp. has sold and implemented Seegrid’s GT3 robotic tugger in a customer’s facility, providing immediate efficiencies and labor savings. | The Iowa-based customer, in its continuous efforts to improve quality and gain…

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