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Piasecki Aircraft and Carnegie Mellon Team to Develop Full-Size Autonomous Helicopter
07/09/10 — Piasecki Aircraft-Carnegie Mellon flight demonstrate autonomous helicopter collision avoidance and landing zone selection system for casualty evacuation and transport. Piasecki Aircraft Corp. and Carnegie Mellon University have developed and successfully flight-tested a navigation/sensor system that enables full-size, autonomous helicopters to fly at low altitude while avoiding obstacles; to evaluate and select suitable landing sites in unmapped terrain; and to land safely using a self-generated approach path. Autonomous flight at low altitude and landing zone evaluation/selection is an unprecedented feat with a full-size helicopter. This technology has been developed to allow future unmanned helicopters to evacuate wounded soldiers from contaminated or…

Robotics Industry Energized by First-Ever Virtual Conference and Exposition
06/20/10 — Robotics Trends’ inaugural Robotics Summit virtual conference and exposition, which focused on “Autonomy, Navigation, and Mobility Solutions,” was a huge success, drawing robotics professionals from across the globe. Robotics Trends today announced the resounding success of the first-ever Robotics Summit online conference, exposition, and networking event held June 16, 2010. Focused on “Autonomy, Navigation, and Mobility Solutions,” the summit registered more than 1,200 robotics professionals, with many more signing up and exploring the event throughout the day. The Robotics Summit was truly a global robotics networking opportunity, with representatives from 45 countries in attendance. “What a great venue!” states Erik…

National Instruments Sponsors 2010 Robotics Trends’ Virtual Conference and Exposition Series
04/15/10 — Provider of design, development, testing and control solutions for embedded systems sponsors all three events in Robotics Trends’ 2010 Robotics Summit Conference and Exposition Series Robotics Trends today announced that National Instruments has become Series Sponsor of the 2010 Robotics Summit Virtual Conference and Exposition ( As Series Sponsor, National…

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