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MobileRobots Rolls Out Low-Cost Seekur Jr UGV
10/13/09 — Producer of standard robotic platforms releases the Seekur Jr unmanned ground vehicle, an affordable, highly customizable, robotic platform suitable for variable weather conditions (IP 54, from -5 to +35°C), 45-degree grades and variable terrain. New Seekur Jr Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV), from MobileRobots Inc, jump-starts industry-of-the-future inventions like self-driving cars, soldier-following carts, fruit-picking wagons and teams of reconnaissance scouts. Before Seekur Jr, roboticists needed to jerry-rig a standard vehicle, build their own, or seek the rare six-figure grant to buy a typical UGV. Seekur Jr changes all that. This is not the first time MobileRobots succeeded in advancing research while…

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