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Robotic Arm Holds Promise For Paralyzed Soldiers
05/17/12 — Researchers have demonstrated that tetraplegics, people unable to use their limbs, can control a robotic arm via neuro signals conveyed by a microelectrode array implanted in the brain. The scientific advance holds promise for people who are paralyzed or otherwise seriously injured, including wounded soldiers. The results of this latest research into robotic arm control were reported in the scientific journal Nature. Two study participants were able to control a prosthetic limb to reach and grasp. One used the arm to take a sip of coffee from a bottle with a straw. The report's authors are affiliated with a half…

Artificial Foot Recycles Energy for Easier Walking
02/17/10 — Energy-recycling artificial foot significantly reduces effort to walk compared to traditional prosthetic devices. An artificial foot that recycles energy otherwise wasted in between steps could make it easier for amputees to walk, its developers say. “For amputees, what they experience when they’re trying to walk normally is what I would experience if I were carrying an extra 30 pounds,” said Art Kuo, professor in the University of Michigan departments of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Compared with conventional prosthetic feet, the new prototype device significantly cuts the energy spent per step. A paper about the device is published in the…

SPARKy Device Helps Amputees Return to Normal Lives
12/07/09 — Arizona State University researchers employ regenerative kinetics in the design of an new prosthetic ankle named after ASU’s mascot – SPARKy. Arizona State University researchers have developed a prosthetic device that literally puts the spring back into an amputee’s step. They have developed and refined SPARKy (for spring ankle with…

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