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Robotic Fingertip More Sensitive than Human Touch
06/21/12 — Researchers at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering have created a robotic fingertip that is more sensitive to the touch than an actual human fingertip, an achievement which could greatly aid prostheses and advance artificial intelligence. Called BioTac, the tiny machine is a "new type of tactile sensor built to mimic the human fingertip, using a newly designed algorithm to make decisions about how to explore the outside world by imitating human strategies." The sensor was only rarely confused by pairs of similar textures, between which humans could not differentiate at all. USC Professor of Biomedical Engineering Gerald Loeb, who is…

Velodyne Lidar Expands Global Reseller Network
01/11/10 — Manufacturer of high definition 3-D lidar sensors now has distributor offices in Germany, China, Israel, South Korea and the UK. Velodyne Lidar, Inc., a manufacturer of high definition 3-D lidar sensors, has secured international agreements with five major distributors worldwide to expand marketing for the company‚Äôs sensor products.  The extended distributor network includes offices in Germany, China, Israel, South Korea and the UK. The Velodyne HDL-64E is used by commercial, government and defense organizations for high-precision 3D mapping, surveying and security along with applications for terrestrial and marine autonomous vehicles and robotics.  The new distributors are the exclusive channel for…

Canesta Raises $16 Million
10/21/09 — New strategic investors signal the importance of 3-D natural interfaces to the future of PCs and other consumer devices. A provider of mass-market 3-D image sensors, Canesta, Inc. announced it has raised $16 million in additional capitalization. Joining returning investors Carlyle Growth Partners, Hotung Venture Group, and Venrock are two…

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